Why Gold Filled?

Solid Gold 
  • no other metals, just gold
  • high cost
  • everyday wear jewelry
  • hypoallergenic
  • forever pieces

Gold Filled

  • thick layer of gold (5% by weight) heat bounded with pressure
  • tarnish resistant
  • hypoallergenic
  • 100x more gold than gold plated
  • relatively affordable everyday wear jewelry

Gold Vermeil

  • heavy gold plating on silver
  • tarnish resistant
  • hypoallergenic

Gold Plated 

  • very thin layer of gold(.05% by weight) electroplated on brass
  • won't last long, eventually will tarnish
  • could irritate sensitive skin 


The market has an over saturation of Gold Plated Jewelry. Although beautiful, they unfortunately don't last so long. That's where we come in trying to bridge the gap.

Gold Filled is the best alternative to solid gold, giving you timeless long lasting pieces that don't break the bank. 100x more durable than Gold Plated jewelry, Gold Filled jewelry has gold heat pressure bound to it's core metal making it tarnish-resistant and perfect for those with sensitive skin!

However, Gold Filled pieces are not Solid Gold, therefore can eventually tarnish based on how you take care of the pieces. Please check out jewelry care tips to have your jewelry last extra long!